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Thanks to a large capital investment into state-of-the-art garment tailoring machinery and equipment we are able to offer a world-class service.

Our integrated production facility offers the full spectrum of textile tailoring services, including CMT (cut, make & trim), full-factored garments, made-to-measure garments, as well as all relevant manufacturing processes.

Our on-site design studio and production facility produce some 450 jackets, 700 pairs of trousers and 50 shirts on three production lines daily – that amounts to some 4.3 kilometres of fabric and cloth utilised every day!

Corporate Image Consulting

Your corporate wardrobe is an extension of your brand vision and values. Work with us on ensuring your look communicates that message professionally and stylishly.

Styling Service

The right look goes a long way in making the right impression. Our professional styling service helps ensure this is the case. Our expert stylists know what’s trending and how to make it work.


Our favourable reputation is built on our rich tradition of quality tailoring. With a group of classically trained tailors with an expert understanding of their craft, we consistently deliver tailoring services of the highest quality.

Manufacturing Service

Together with a bespoke tailoring offering, our manufacturing service employs the latest techniques and technology to produce quality suits, shirts, dresses and more.

Training School

Committed to retaining and promoting the skills of designers, tailors, machinists and sewers, our training school is a platform for both educating and upskilling workers in the garment industry.

Promotional Gifting Service

Looking for that something unique, fit-to-purpose and with a touch of personalisation? Our promotional gifting service can help you customise something that is both suitable and striking.