Our History

With a history spanning some 100 years House of Monatic has a colourful heritage characterised by quality, efficiency and timeless style.

A rich tailoring tradition, together with an appreciation of craftsmanship, has worked to position the brand as a leader in suiting, shirting and corporate wear. House of Monatic enjoys a favourable reputation as a trustworthy company that prioritises timeless style without compromising on sustainable growth.

House of Monatic as it is known today was formed in the 1980s when the clothing factory Monatic Alba, which was started by Ian Back of I.L Back Tailoring Services in 1968, merged with M.Bertish to form House of Monatic.

In 1998 Brimstone Investment Corporation took over House of Monatic, and maintains the majority share in the company to this day.

Through various transitions and institutional restructurings, House of Monatic has always remained true and committed to the original brand ethos of quality, accountability, integrity and innovation, which remain driving concepts today and which no doubt has played an important role in earning the brand its favourable reputation in the marketplace.

History timeline