A Boutonniere or Not

Today, we look at different varieties of boutonniere flowers, including silk boutonnieres, and provide you with some pictures of modern day men wearing a flower in their buttonhole, and give you a few tips for wedding boutonnieres.

Nowadays, it goes without saying that there are hardly any men who wear a boutonniere on a daily basis. Most of the time, the little buttonhole flower is reserved for special occasions and celebrations like weddings, horse races, elegant banquets and so forth. For fairness sake, it must be mentioned that, even in the 1940’s, not many men wore a boutonniere daily, although in London, there were several flower merchants, such as Moyses Stevens, who sold ready-made boutonnieres rather successfully. These days are long gone, and as a consequence, you would have to make a specific arrangement with your local florist if you wished to wear one every day.



Personally, I try to wear a boutonniere whenever I have a flower available. While well-crafted boutonnieres are meticulously put together, wrapped, and so on, a simple flower with a stem will do just fine if you have a functional buttonhole and a backside boutonniere loop on your lapel. While most high quality coats feature a working lapel buttonhole nowadays, you may find yourself with one that is sewn shut. 

Boutonniere Flowers

Most of the time, you can see carnations, roses, or cornflowers used. However, there are a number of other flowers that are worth considering in my opinion, as long as the flower size can be considered. Super-sized blooms, in combination with a pocket square on the same side, might make your outfit look hopelessly overloaded. Therefore, I strongly suggest you go with smaller flowers. 

You may not always have a florist around, or it would be simply to inconvenient to take care of a boutonniere at the given moment. For these occasions, you may want to consider an artificial boutonniere. The advantage is that you can wear it all the time, including on travels or when no flower store is around. They are so much more convenient and if they are well-made, they look like the real thing and it will last you for years without ever wilting.

Moreover, you will sometimes see knit boutonnieres which may look good with more informal country attire. 




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